International Women's Day
Sydney Australia

IWD Sydney has been revivied !!

Have a look at the Kit to see if there is something you would like to assist with.  Contact the Collective to be involved.

IWD Sydney eLetter - If you don't or can't go to meetings, but you do want to be involved in organising, contributing and/or informing IWD Sydney, you can join the IWD Sydney eLetter here.

The eLetter will help keep Sydney women informed about the next IWD event details and organising information.  Remember IWD is for all women - many women are not 'on the internet' but have things to say and ways to help - so please help relay their comments back to the eLetter and print the contents of the eLetter for them.

Be informed about organising aspects of our annual event:

| Rally
| March
| After March
| Admin
| Finance
| Promotion
| Media
| Merchandise |
| Stalls

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