A History of International Women's Day
in words and images


Although I have made some attempts to move beyond Sydney in this history, the Sydney bias remains and reflects, to a large extent, the geographic and personal experiences of the author. Like all histories, it is not objective but rests now for others to add extra or more extensive pieces to the story.

Readers may also have noticed that as IWD activities expanded during the '70s and '80s, the names of the organisers, speakers and artists disappeared from the text. It was very difficult to select out names for mention during earlier periods, and largely I have relied on those preserved in publications and in the memories of those to whom I spoke. But there are dozens of others who undoubtedly could be added.

Any selection for the seventies and eighties, however, I found to be impossible. Literally hundreds of women have been involved, not only in organising marches, concerts, dances and meetings, but also in the designing of emblems and posters, the painting, embroidering and creating of banners, flags and other regalia, in speaking at meetings, and performing at concerts and dances. The rare exception to this rule I made with the mention of Bessie Guthrie in 1974. Bessie gave a lifetime of support to women and their endeavours and died in 1977.

Some of the names of those who helped during those years appeared on broadsheets, leaflets, programmes and in other IWD articles. Many are also to be found in the thousands of photos taken, some of which appear in this publication.

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