A History of International Women's Day
in words and images


I wish to thank the many unnamed women whose work has made this story of IWD possible, as well as those mentioned in it, particularly:

Marie Gollan

Nell Johns

Mary Wright

Eva Bacon

Vera Deacon
Phyllis Johnson

I also thank the women who preserved many of these events on film - some of their names have been mentioned, but others have been lost in the files of publications, and their photos are only identified by the name of the publication in which they appeared.

Finally, I thank Philippa Hall, Dianne Court and Shelley Kay for their many helpful criticisms and suggestions as the outline of this story unfolded. I do not hold them responsible in any way for its inadequacies, but it is infinitely better because of their help. Thanks to Gloria Garton for her patient typesetting, final brushing up on spelling and grammar, Shelley for her beautiful lay-out and Jane Inglis for her help in sub-editing.

Joyce Stevens, January 1985

Photos by Grace de la Lande, Pat Fiske, D Spratt, Wendy Rew, Anne Roberts, Jane Brisley, Bronwyn and Penny (Perth), Fiona Moore and others and from the first ten years history project; Tribune; Labor Daily (courtesy NSW State Library); Union of Australian Women.

Typesetting: Gloria Garton
Front Page Design and Layout: Shelley Kay

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