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WOMEN         UNITE!!              SURVIVE         AND         THRIVE!!
I n t e r n a t i o n a l      W o m e n ' s      D a y
A   C   T    L   O   C   A   L     N    E     W   O   R   K     G   L   O   B   A   L
Women's  Marches  and  Rallies are  called on or around March  8th  Each  Year

IWD 2011

"Will it be believed, a hundred years hence, that such a state of things existed"
(1891) Louisa Lawson, 1888-1895, The first Voice of Australian Feminism: Excerpts from Louisa Lawson's, The Dawn, O. Lawson, (ed.), Simon & Schuster, Brookvale NSW, 1990

Yes Louisa - we believe you and only some things are better 100 years later.

A history of IWD by Joyce Stevens is here.

This grassroots web has published an IWD national calendar of events since 1996 as a service to Australian women by Australian women - however - this year the federal government decided to fund the national IWD function and UNIFEM now known as UNWomen have been generously funded to co-ordinate and publish a calendar of Australian IWD centenary events and prepare materials to mark this herstorical year.  Their IWD web is here.

Our women's policy machinery around the country also have IWD information and calendars of events.  There are links on the federal Office for Women IWD page here.

The reason this web was established so long ago - was that some events were not listed on the OFW calendars - so If you don't see your event listed in the UNWomen or OFW calendars - please send it here for inclusion in our IWD records.

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